Win $10,000 in Flo’s Progressive Insurance Food Truck Contest

Flo is at it again and giving food truck owners a chance to win up to $10,000 cash for upgrades to their food trucks. That’s a substantial amount of dough enough to make some major improvements to your truck like new kitchen gear, mechanical modifications or even a new wrap to make your truck stand out in the crowd!

This contest is sponsored by Progressive Insurance. Entering the contest is easy. Simply sumbit a photo or video of your truck or trailer and explain how you’d use the money to jazz up your vehicle and why you deserve to win.

Make sure all your friends know about the contest because their vote is going to help you become one of the finalists. To submit your entry click here to view the details.

There will be 3 winners:

Grand Prize = $10,000

2nd Prize = $5,000

3rd Prize = $2,500

If you want to see who you’re up against click on this page to see who has already entered the contest. And here are some suggestions to help you stand out. Please take a good photo of your truck. Ask  a friend who is a photographer to take the picture for you if needed. But a video is probably better than a photo. Just be sure to explain why you need to make the improvements and let your personality show. You can look at Kickstarter videos that feature food truck owners for examples.

Good luck! The entry period ends on June 30,2015 and winners will be picked around August 15, 2015.

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