Using Email Marketing to Promote Your Food Truck

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How would you like to increase the likelihood that your customers are going to see and read the location updates you send out? Currently, the most popular methods of announcing food truck locations are using social media like Twitter and Facebook. These services work great which is why they are the standard in this industry. One problem you run into when using Twitter and Facebook is that not everyone is a member of Twitter and Facebook. So you may have raving fans but the ones that are not social media users will not be able to get your location updates. That can account to a loss of potential customers and decreased profits!

Letting your fans know your daily locations helps put your name on the top of people’s minds. Another problem with using online social media tools is that your message can get lost in all the updates from other users… Especially if your follower follows a lot of people/organizations.

One way to overcome all the noise in social media feeds is to use email marketing. Email marketing is an effective and widely used practice in the marketing world that generates results! If you’ve ever shopped online, visited a blog, signed up for more information – then you have most likely experienced email marketing. Some people see email marketing as spam but times have changed.

You can tailor your message to be very friendly and conversational. In fact, the most effective email updates are the ones where you talk to your customers on a personal level. You can build a relationship with subscribers by updating your locations, announcing new menu items, introducing new employees, selling your catering services and more!

The BIG Advantage of Using Email Marketing

We mentioned earlier that not everyone uses social media tools… but on the other hand, almost everyone has access to email. That is the main advantage of using an email marketing tool like Aweber. Emails have a higher percentage of open rates and have the ability for easy sharing. Think about it, how easy is it to forward an email to a friend or several friends? Plus, email often has more credibility if it has been forwarded by someone they know.

There is also no limit on the length of your email although you don’t want your emails to be too long! Nobody likes that! When you use email marketing, you have direct access to your customers and you can email them anytime you want when you have something to say about your business. This puts you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition that is just Tweeting or sending out Facebook updates.

There are several email marketing services but the one we use is Aweber. They have easy to use sign-up forms that you can place on your website. Once your sign-up form is ready, there is only one line of code to insert on your website and you’re ready to accept subscribers! If you know how to embed a YouTube video or image from Flickr, etc, you can insert an Aweber email form on your website! This is especially easy if your food truck website is built on WordPress.

Beautiful Sign-up Forms

With Aweber, you can easily create attractive looking sign-up forms for your website visitors. There are lots of pre-built templates that can be customized or you can create your own.Aweber Subscriber Form Templates

The subscription form creator features an easy to use interface so you can make changes easily. The form is broken down into different sections and each section is customizable. You can add fields to capture email addresses, names, street addresses, phone numbers, URLs and more!

Try Email Marketing for Only $1

By using our exclusive link, you can try Aweber for only $1. You’ll have  a whole month to access and test out all their features.  We believe creating an email marketing plan is essential if you own a food truck and it can be a part of a thorough marketing plan. If you find that Aweber isn’t for you, just cancel within 30 days and they’ll refund your dollar! Here’s the link:

In future posts, we’ll have more Aweber tutorials and show you tips and techniques on how to get people to subscribe to your email list! Click here to get started for only $1.

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2 Responses to “Using Email Marketing to Promote Your Food Truck”

  • Derek Kean on August 23, 2012

    Using email is a great way- like you said, not everyone is on twitter/facebook, but almost all consumers in the marketplace have an email address either personally or through work.

    There is another option I have used for past clients in the marketing industry- Movable Type. They can embed social updates into the email. It’s a neat feature, and could help enhance the above tactics!

    Great stuff!

  • Andrea Schmitz on November 22, 2012

    I’m very interested in food trucks and would love to be able to contact someone on staff — can not for the life of me find a contact page or information though.

    Please email me, thanks,