Toronto Street Food Block Party Brings Popular Food Trucks Together

Toronto is growing as a food truck town and making a mark in the mobile food business along with cities all across North America. Today, there are over 300 food trucks in Toronto and that number is sure to increase fast. However, finding a profitable location has always been troublesome because of municipal codes, ordinances and brick-and-mortar restaurants. This has led to much frustration among food truck business owners.

As with many cities in North America, the current laws cannot keep up with the new trend in mobile cuisine and food truck owners are suffering. However, there are groups of food truck enthusiasts that are hoping to change things which will hopefully create a zen-like atmosphere for food trucks to prosper in Toronto.

For now, food trucks can operate at “special events” where the organizer has secured an event license to host the trucks legally. One such event is the Street Food Block Party which brings together a number of trucks together in one location like a mobile food court where customers can gather, socialize and enjoy great street food.

The Toronto Street Food Block Party is headed by Food Truck Eats and Toronto Underground Market to celebrate street food and create awareness for the Toronto Street Food Project. Their block party event last month was a huge success. Here are some highlights:

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One Response to “Toronto Street Food Block Party Brings Popular Food Trucks Together”

  • Food Truck Fan on June 12, 2012

    ‘Today, there are over 300 food trucks in Toronto’ Wow! that must be the Mother of all Food Truck Towns. What a wonderful array of menus you must have. I will have to make a point of searching out the Food Truck Scene next time in Toronto. BUStaurant is a Great Resource for this growing industry. We need more ‘Food Trucks” :-)