Start A Food Truck Business With No Cooking Experience

Food trucks are hot and they’ve given motivated people an alternative way to start a business and make money! Every day, new food trucks are being launched with unique menu items and a diverse selection of flavors. Many chefs and cooking enthusiasts are finding new careers on the streets by starting food trucks. But what if you want to start a food truck business and have no cooking experience?

Start A Food Truck With No Cooking Experience

One thing you can do is hire a chef. But the problem with that is a chef will increase your expenses and add another employee to the payroll. A lot of first time food truck owners don’t want to do that. If you find yourself challenged in the kitchen, have no fear! You can still start a food truck with no cooking experience! All you are going to need is to look for commercial trucks so you can start designing your food truck and you can take very simple items like hotdogs or french fries and create a whole truck menu with them. These items are pretty much ready to go and there are no complicated menus to prepare. Here are some examples of food trucks that serve items that are super easy to prepare:

Fries and Dolls

The hot pink Fries and Dolls food truck in Calgary serves easy to prepare French fries and hotdogs. Cooking the fries are simple, just fry them in hot oil according to time. This should be the same every time unless you have different thicknesses of fries.

Then the next step of dressing them up is easy. Just add toppings and condiments. Some of their toppings include cheeses, garlic, gravy, truffle oil, brown sugar and vinegar. Preparation for their hotdogs and sausages are just as easy. Fry them up and top ‘em!

Tot Boss

The Tot Boss in Minneapolis takes a similar concept except they use tater tots. Again, the tater tots are fried according to a specified time and then dressed with condiments and toppings. Some of the items the Tot Boss adds to their dishes include cheese, gravy, salad dressings, lettuce, sour cream and onions.

The Grilled Cheese Truck

As you can guess by the name, The Grilled Cheese Truck serves grilled cheese sandwiches! How much simpler can that get? Get two pieces of bread, add cheese/toppings and grill them up! It’s even easier when you use a panini press.  The Grilled Cheese Truck takes this simple concept and dresses it up by using cheeses like brie, Gruyere and jabanero jack. They also use classics like American and cheddar as well.

But they don’t stop there, they take their grilled goodness a step further and offer toppings like avocado, tomatoes, sliced apples, basil, marshmallows and much more!

You Can Do It Too!

Hopefully this changes your perspective about your cooking skills and opening a food truck business. Sure there are chefs that have years of cooking experience behind them. But lots of trucks are launched where the owners have much less kitchen training. If you’re having trouble coming up with a menu, go back to the classics and build upon those concepts. You don’t need to mix 20 different ingredients with specialized cooking techniques to create an awesome food truck menu!

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