Marketing Your Food Truck With Pinterest

Marketing Your Food Truck With PinterestPinterest isn’t just for sharing and pinning women’s topics anymore! Sure that’s how it began but as it’s popularity grows, more and more men and more importantly… businesses have started using Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites. Recently, Pinterest reached over 11 million visits in a single week and you need to take advantage of that traffic as part of your food truck marketing strategy.

Pinterest may not directly drive customers to your truck but it will surely create more awareness of your business and brand. Pinterest members can easily repin and follow you just like they do with Facebook and Twitter. Below, we’ve outlined a few simple tips that will help you make the most of marketing your food truck on Pinterest.

Tip 1: Get An Invite

At this point, you can only become a member of Pinterest if someone invites you. You can request an invitation right on the homepage of Pinterest but chances are, you know someone who is already a member. Just ask around. If you can’t find some someone nearby, simply post a request to your friends on Facebook or Twitter. You’ll probably get more invitations than you ever imagined!

Pinterest Invite For Gourmet Food Trucks

Only need one invitation is needed to get started. Once you’re invited, follow the easy steps on Pinterest to get your account set up.

Tip 2: Page Set Up

When you set up your account, you’ll need to enter all the usual name and password info. The field where you enter your Username should be the name of your food truck. This will be used in the web address to your Pinterest page.

For example, if you entered “RollingDonuts” for your username, your direct Pinterest link will be

Tip 3: Upload A Profile Image

You’ll also want to upload an image which will be your icon whenever you’re navigating through Pinterest. Here, you should upload a picture of your truck or better yet, just your logo. The logo will stand out more and will brand your profile.

Pinterest Food Truck Profile Image

Tip 4: Include Your Website Address In Your Descriptions

When you start pinning images, you will be asked to provide descriptions of your pin. This can be one sentence or longer. However, the most important thing you should do is include a link to your website as the first thing in your description. This link is an active link where people can click to go to your website. This is how it should be typed:

Food Truck Website Address

Make sure you use http:// in your address or the link won’t be active. After the address, you can type your regular text description. At this time, the links in the descriptions are “do follow” which means that link juice from Pinterest will be directed to your site and that’s good for SEO! This gives your site more authority in the search engines… and more authority means your site will rank higher and be found by more people!

Tip 5: Add “Pin It” Button To Your Site

Adding a “Pin It” button to your site is fairly easy if you know how to get to the HTML code on your site. If not, you’ll have to have your web designer do it for you. Pinterest has all the codes and directions at this page:

For those of you using WordPress to run your site, adding a “Pin It” button is even easier to do. You just have to add a plugin, activate it and configure a few settings and it’s done! We highly recommend using WordPress and managing your site yourself! It’s no longer just a blogging platform! There are several Pinterest plugins for WordPress. Here is one of them:

With the plugin, you can have a Pinterest “Pin It” button on your site in minutes! Different plugins have different features but most will allow you to position the buttons at different locations on your site.

Pin It Button For Food Truck Websites

Tip 6: Create Boards

You can create boards which are like categories for your photos. We suggest creating boards for things like your food truck, menu items, people, and locations. You can break down these boards further to vegan, fried, beef, wraps, events or any other category the relates to your truck.

Food Truck Boards On Pinterest

Tip 7: Post Photos In Portrait Mode

You should also be posting lots of photos on your website, especially if you have a blog section. But be conscious of your composition and post photos that are shot in portrait orientation. That means turning your camera sideways so your picture is taller. On a smart phone, you don’t even have to turn it sideways.

Post Food Truck Photos In Portrait Orientation On Pinterest

The reason why you want to shoot in portrait orientation is that your pictures will be more visible on the Pinterest page. See above and compare the photos and see which ones you notice first.

The taller photos take up more space and draw your eye to them. On most newer digital cameras, there is a widescreen picture mode that makes your pictures look even taller when pinning. You could do some cropping in Photoshop to make your photos taller also. Of course you will have to post these photos on your site first before you can pin them on Pinterest.

Don’t Just Use Twitter and Facebook for Food Truck Marketing

Pinterest is just another social media tool that can raise your website rankings and get your business noticed. While it should not be used alone, it is a great supplement to the work you are already doing on Facebook and Twitter. We always encourage food truck owners to take lots of photos at events and locations to post on blogs. Now you can use those photos to further enhance your social media campaigns! As technology develops, there will eventually be new social media platforms for businesses to use and we’ll try to stay on top of them and come up for effective uses for food truck marketing!

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