Food Trucks Converge At Seattle Center’s Next 50 Celebration

April 21, 2012 marked the Opening Weekend of Seattle Center’s Next 50 festivities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1962 World’s Fair which brought out huge crowds on a gorgeous spring weekend in Seattle.  People came out in droves to join in the fun Seattle Center had planned. This event was not hard to find because the Space Needle proudly serves as a beacon to locals and tourists looking for directions to this event. The Seattle Center is the hub of several of the major summer festivals in the Emerald City. Among the popular festivals held here are Bumbershoot, The Bite of Seattle, Folklife Festival and Festal just to name a few.

Rollin Q Food Truck at Seattle Center

Historically, those festivals featured food booths set up by local restaurants to serve the crowds, however, for this weekend the standard food booths were nowhere to be found. This time, gourmet food trucks took their place. And by the looks of the long lines at all the trucks, it was a huge success!

Big House BBQ and Athena's Gyros Food Truck at Seattle Center

This was a bit of a refresher to see food trucks serving up the meals instead of the regular restaurant vendors we usually see at Seattle Center events… Although a few of the trucks are extensions of local brick and mortar restaurants. Walking around, the aromas coming from the trucks was enough to make your stomach growl! The folks at Seattle Center assembled a great variety of trucks which served everything from BBQ to Crepes to Desserts and Ethnic cuisine.

An event like this shows the variety of themes and ideas these innovative entrepreneurs have come up with. We’re sure there were some future food truck owners roaming the event getting an idea of what owning a mobile food business is like. Watching how trucks operate during a large event like this is a good way to see first hand how lucrative this industry can be! Food truck events are already in full swing for this year all around the city! With the growing number of trucks hitting the streets, we’re sure to see new names and brightly colored trucks this summer!

Curry Now Food Truck at Seattle Center

Food was constantly flowing out of the trucks this weekend as seen in the photo above from the Curry Now food truck parked near the main fountain at Seattle Center. Below, the Crisp Creperie truck also drew large crowds wanting to taste their delightful creations.

At the end of this article, we tried to provide links to the truck’s websites where we were easily able to find their addresses. With that said, we’d like to stress the importance of having a website attached to your business. We have future plans to provide tutorials on how to create your own website for your food truck… and here’s a secret, it’s easier to do it yourself than you think!

Seattle Crisp Creperie Food Truck at Seattle Center

The food trucks on the scene (in no particular order) that Saturday were:

All in all, it was great to see such an impressive showing of food trucks at such a major event! If you attended Seattle Center’s Next 50 Opening Weekend event and had a chance to eat at one of the trucks, please leave a comment and let us know what your favorite dishes were!

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