Food Truck Marketing On YouTube

Food truck owners are notorious for using free social media tools to promote and market their trucks. Twitter and Facebook are among the two most popular services. Food truck fans can follow every event and location announcement through the push notifications sent to mobile phones and desktops.

Today we’d like to stress the importance of video marketing to your fans as well using YouTube which is also free. You’ll first need a YouTube account which is just as easy to create as a Twitter or Facebook account. After you have a YouTube channel, you can post videos and share them on your website and promote them on your social media network.

But let’s dive a little deeper into this simple concept to make it more effective for your business. Here are a few tips to increase the chances that people will find your videos and even give you some extra SEO to drive traffic to your site:

Make Your YouTube Username the Name of Your Truck – Do not use your real name for your username (unless you’re already branded that way). By branding your YouTube channel with your truck name, your videos will have an easier time showing up in search results on both YouTube and Google.

Include Your URL in the Description – While it is important to have a good written description that goes with your video, you need to include the URL of your website as the first thing in your description. When you type your website address, it has to start with http:// to be an active link. The reason why you want to start with your URL first in your description is because the description only shows about 3 lines of text. If you put your URL at the end of your description, it will most likely not show up under your video.

Food truck marketing on YouTube

When you include your URL in your description, that link passes SEO linking power and builds authority to your site. The more high quality links to your site, the higher it can rank in Google and other search engines. This is practiced by many SEO experts… And if you create and upload a lot of YouTube videos, it’s a good way to get backlinks from a very high ranking site (YouTube).

Include Keywords – YouTube allows you to enter related keywords after you upload your video as part of your description. Do not ignore the keywords. They play a good part in allowing your video to be found in searches. Make sure one of the keywords is your truck name. But here’s an example:

Let’s say the name of your truck is “Hungry Boy Burgers” in Dallas. Here are suggestions for keywords you should be using:

Hungry Boy Burgers, Hungry Boy Burgers food truck, Hungry Boy Burgers Dallas, Dallas restaurants, Dallas street food

By localizing your keywords, you will be able to automatically distinguish yourself in search engines in case there is a Hungry Boy Burgers in Reno.

Create Videos on a Regular Basis – This might be a little tougher to do with your busy schedule but you should shoot videos whenever you can. The subject of your videos can be from events, new recipe announcements, new services you’ll be providing, behind the scenes stuff, etc. We know that in the heat of a busy service, it might be nearly impossible to shoot video. But you can have a friend or family member shoot the video for you if that is an option. And you don’t need a fancy camera. Pretty much every point-and-shoot camera or smart phone shoots HD video and that’s good enough for YouTube.

Hire a Student to Shoot and Edit Your Video – Getting a professional looking video to introduce your truck or to brand it might seem expensive. But you can hire a student or even someone you know to shoot a video that looks professional. You’d be surprised how good a video can turn out with a DSLR camera, a laptop and editing software. A lot of people already own this set-up and you should take advantage of students that are eager to get some professional experience, especially if they’re trying to start their own video production business. They may work cheap or even free. Make sure you compensate them for their efforts. Some free meals won’t hurt!

Here’s an example of a nice introduction video for the Nammi food truck in Dallas. This could easily be created by a student learning the art of video production.

Promote Your Videos on Facebook and Twitter – Once your videos are uploaded to YouTube, share them with your social network. Your fans may even re-Tweet or Like your videos so others can enjoy them also.

Encourage Fans to Subscribe to Your YouTube Channel – When you have a YouTube channel, fans can subscribe to your channel and they’ll receive updates when you upload a new video. This notification goes directly into their email inbox and can prompt them to view and share your new video.

Video Should Be Part Of A Complete Marketing Plan

Shooting videos for your food truck business is more work than just sharing text/photo updates or Tweets but should be part of your overall marketing plan. Food trucks are on the cutting edge when it comes to new marketing techniques. By incorporating regular video updates about your business, you’ll build a more robust social media marketing infrastructure that can help build your brand and gain more customers!

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