Food Truck Manufacturers

Are you ready to jump into the hottest culinary trend to hit the streets and creating success stories all around the country? Gourmet mobile food trucks are the latest craze and its growing at a phenomenal rate by both new and experienced chefs! A food truck business is one of the industries which is experiencing huge growth even with the downturn in the economy. Those jumping into this exciting career are now on the lookout for reputable food truck manufacturers.

Food Truck Manufacturers

Your food truck is going to be the hub of your entire business and it is going to be one of the main components that will help you succeed. Yes, there are other factors that dictate the success of your mobile food truck business… For example, your menu, social media, the internet and overall marketing. But if you don’t have a reliable truck, you may find it will cost you money in the end. Imagine if there was just one or two days where you couldn’t operate your truck! How much money would you be losing? In many cases, thousands of dollars in revenue.

Food truck manufacturers are aware that your truck IS your business and so they strive to design and deliver quality trucks to their clients. Not only could there be mechanical problems but issues with health department and safety violations could seriously affect your bottom line. These issues can be avoided by doing your research and asking the right questions upfront. Don’t feel rushed when talking to the salesperson. And obviously, if you don’t get a good vibe about the company you’re talking to, then it’s time to explore other options. As with any business, you want to build a relationship so that when you do interact with the company or individuals, you’ll feel more comfortable.

Of course, all manufacturers are going to tout the best quality, the best equipment, competitive prices, easy payments and guarantees… But it is up to you to interview each company and make sure you have your questions answered. Every truck is going to be different and almost everything you want done to it is going to have to be customized for you.

Food Truck Manufacturers

Food truck manufacturers were able to recognize the growing trend in this industry and have done a superb job to accomodate the special requests of food truck owners. This has helped the entire mobile food truck industry to prosper after the plunge in the economy. It is not unheard of to have customization based soley on the menu or type of food being served. In fact, entire food truck concepts have been based on the amazing meals being produced by the chefs.

If you’re starting a mobile food business and looking for a food truck, there are a number of them around that sell nationwide. Some strictly sell only new vehicles while others have new and used vehicles. Here is a list of some of the larger manufacturers in North America:

  • Armenco Catering Truck & Hot Dog Cart Manufacturing Company, Inc.
  • AA Cater Truck
  • California Cart Builder
  • West Coast Catering Trucks
  • Custom Concessions
  • East Coast Custom Coaches
  • Northwest Mobile Kitchens
  • Worldwide Trailer Sales, Inc.
  • Concession Trailers Warehouse
  • Food Cart Canada
  • Road Stoves
  • Custom Mobile Food Equipment
  • Creative Mobile Systems

In major cities and metropolitan areas, opening a food truck presents a far better entrepreneurial opportunity than opening up a traditional restaurant. This is especially good news for unemployed chefs who want to venture out in their own business. With start up costs that are much lower than brick-and-mortar restaurants, it’s no wonder that individuals are turning to mobile restaurants.

Mobile food trucks are quickly developing hungry, raving fans and keeping these fans happy with innovative menus and customer service will keep this industry alive. Food truck manufacturers definitely play a big part in the growth of mobile food.