Food Truck Design

As the food truck industry grows, you have to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd. That’s when food truck design becomes important. Its a fact that customers get their first impression of your truck from the exterior design. Your graphics on your truck need to stand out and be recognizable. Your truck is your brand. That’s how people will know you. When you drive your truck from location to location, it is really a roving billboard. So you’ll want your logo to be clearly seen as well as other important info like your website and Twitter addresses.

First Impressions

A great food truck design can be simple and clean looking. Bold colors can help it stand out. Some mobile food trucks even have additional parts added onto it as part of the overall design scheme. The graphics on a food truck are typically applied as a vehicle wrap. Much like you’d see on a full size metro bus. Do not underestimate the power of the design of your truck. First impressions count for a lot. It can attract customers which can eventually buy food from you. The color scheme and overall design should spill over to your website and any other type of marketing materials. If you create a consistent look, customers are going to be able to recognize you wherever you go.

Food Truck Design

Hiring a vehicle wrap designer isn’t difficult as this is a pretty common industry these days. Most vehicle wrap companies have their own designers who are experts at complicated wraps. Food trucks come in all different sizes and some are custom modified. You can often find one stop shops where you can have your truck graphics designed, printed and applied. This makes it convenient because it allows you to drop off your truck and in a few days, your food truck will be transformed into a beautiful branding asset that will bring you your primary source of income.

Interior Design And Functionality

In addition to creating a conversation piece with your exterior graphics, the inside of the truck has to be carefully designed also. Just like in a regular restaurant, you’re going to want the kitchen layout to provide the most efficient use of space and ergonomics. In the case of food trucks, you’re already working in a cramped space with several employees so you don’t want to be bumping into each other everywhere you turn. When your customers hand over cash for their meals, you are going to want to be able to provide those meals as fast as possible while keeping the quality consistent. That way, you keep the customer line moving and be able to serve a high number of customers in a given time period. You’ll also want people to be able to easily identify where they order their food and where they can pick it up when it’s ready.

Food Truck Design

The mobile food truck business is a fast paced industry. When you have a popular food truck, the work is going to be fast and furious. Your overall food truck design will play a huge factor in how you run the day to day operations. Do not overlook this aspect before you start your food truck business.