Custom Food Trucks

A lot of planning goes into custom food trucks long before it rolls out onto the street for business. As far as the mobile food truck business goes, every food truck is custom made for each owner. The variety of food being served in today’s gourmet food trucks require specialized equipment and technical design.

Custom Food Trucks

Many chefs and entrepreneurs are realizing that the food truck business is one of the fastest growing industries even in today’s bad economic times. And many of them are making more money that they ever dreamed of by steering away from a traditional sit down restaurant. There are a number of companies in the U.S. and around the world that specialize in building custom food trucks. In order to find the best company to work on a truck for you, there are some basic criteria you should follow.

Custom Design Services

When you consider hiring a company to design and build your truck, tell them everything about your plans. It’s important to include the type of food you want to serve as well as how many employees you expect to be working inside the truck when producing food. Do you have a theme you want to follow? It’s ok if you don’t know where to start. They are there to help you plan and design the best truck that will work for you.

Most companies will have examples of previous trucks they’ve built so you can see what they can do for you. And if possible, take a tour of some of these trucks so you can get a feel of what the actual truck is like.

Inspect Your Vehicle

You should definitely pay close attention to the quality of the work these companies provide. Take a look at their kitchen layouts and exterior design. Are they detailed in their work? Ask about safety equipment and cleanliness. You’ll want a company that can address all the safety issues so that you won’t run into permit problems.

Permit problems and safety regulations are one of the major roadblocks that could put a halt on the launch of your truck. Make sure they have this area covered and check their track record

Do They Guarantee Their Work?

As with everything, you need to know that they guarantee their work! Do they offer support if things go wrong? What is the duration of their guarantee? It’s a good idea to get this information right at the beginning so you know what is possible if you encounter any problems. There’s nothing worse than having to spend extra money on problems that never should’ve happened in the first place. Any problems that arise can severly affect your business and income.

Custom Food Trucks

One last thing to consider is where you are operating your truck. Every city and state has their own regulations when it comes to the mobile food truck business. Check to see if the company building your truck is aware of these regulations. In many cases, you may have to provide this information to them from your own research. Custom food trucks offer an incredible business oppportunity for entrepreneurs but make sure you do your homework to ensure success!